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Illuminum — How do you visualise the connection between scent and taste?

Cosmetics, Packaging, Perfume

How do you visualise the connection between scent and taste? 

‘95 Percent’, is a special collection from fragrance house Illuminum London that explores the relationship between scent and taste. 
Based on the insight that smell is responsible for 95 percent of taste, three renowned chefs Jackson Boxer, Founder of Brunswick House, London; Yuki Gomi, Founder of Yuki's Kitchen and London-based Tom Wolfe were paired with a world class perfumier to create three signature scents. 

We continued to explore the narrative between food and scent by creating a structure that utilises flute board to encase the fragrance bottle, often used in food packaging. The two layered flute halves that trap the fragrance bottle are wrapped in a tactile Japanese paper, giving the packaging a juxtaposing and delicate finish. 

By exposing the flute end of the board we have given an unexpected, translucent quality to a material often considered as functional, playing on the idea of light and luminescence. 

We followed the project through from concept to manufacture. 

‘95 Percent’ was featured in the October ‘15 edition of
Wallpaper* magazine.